Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I've Seen Better

I have this crazy idea about how relationships are supposed to work. It circles honesty and every now and then bumps into loyalty. On the way the two happen upon acceptance, admiration and abiding love. They never meet agenda. That one always takes the short road.

At the best of times, a good relationship will make you feel almost transcendent. Other times, unimaginably burdened. You might not see it but all the time it is growing, this roiling mass of whispered confidences, terrible jokes you two must never ever utter to another soul, commonly held nemeses, small holidays, big calories, potent loathing, inevitable disenchantment and if you're really lucky, a weightless return to love.

It's just that once you've known this kind of exchange, it becomes the benchmark of your human experience. Any less chafes like mad. Relationships that might otherwise have managed a decent run time dissolve prematurely under the weight of its... betterness.

This post was really supposed to be about those barely tolerable enterprises. But I just can't be arsed.


Darius said...

Tell me again why you are not on millions of shelves in India, and abroad, with fantastic writing like this?

PV said...

Hear, hear. To the post and the comment.