Saturday, 8 September 2007

Happiness is...

Writing a good story.
Having a boring book suddenly pick up.
Taking a good dump.
Getting home just before it begins to rain heavily.
Having the dog stare out of the window, waiting for you to come home.
A large packet of fries.
A long peaceful drive.
Feeling desired, loved and cared for.
Feeling proud to call certain people your friends.
Knowing your friends feel proud to call your their friend.
Having an outfit fit you just right.
Then being able to afford it.
Having your favourite teacher write to you for the first time in ages to tell you he still believes in you.
An engaging conversation on g-talk.
A song that expresses everything you're feeling, better than you ever could.
A smoke after a heavy lunch.
Delivering the perfect punchline.
Realising you've grown up in more ways than one.
Being able to recognise the good things in your life.

Yeah it really isn't one consistent emotion that stretches out over a period of time. It is a series of moments and things and people. And if you cannot give these their due, you will stay waiting for that big dramatic epiphany that's never coming.