Saturday, 16 April 2011

Happy to Board This Bandwagon

The first time I heard Adele, I pooh-pooh'ed her out of my natural instinct to pooh-pooh anything and anyone labelled 'the latest sensation'. The second time, well, Jaysus. My head began to bob and my insides started to gloriagaynor of their own accord. Pre-empting "events", I walked silently to the door and securely locked it. Then I brought out my highest pair of heels, belted my nightie, dabbed on every item of makeup I own and... un. leashed.

I am writing this from a very happy, tranquil place.


PV said...

Had the same realisation last month... listened to the latest album twice in one sitting.

payal.k said...

Yeah..Its really awesome..Something like this happened to me after I recently discovered this jazz singer Billie Holiday. Her voice and songs just take me to some place else :)