Friday, 10 April 2009

When cheese makes er, sense?

Watched Dan In Real Life the other day. Again. All the usual adjectives, yeah - formulaic but nice, conversational, Steve Carrel is awesome times infinity, etc. I don't get Juliette Binoche yet but I'm willing to give it time.

Anyhoo, the point I'm coming to is the line in the movie that goes "I'll forgive you your past, if you forgive me mine." I experienced something approaching the dry heaves when I heard that - anymore in that vein and I'd hate the movie, so kudos to the writers for reining in the emos - but it did make me think for a second.

I am a creature of habit or have been for most part of my life. When I place myself in an equation, I have to know every last bit there is to know or atleast a substantial amount before I decide to invest. (It's why I make wagers only when I know I'm right :D).

Which brings me to relationships and how forgiving someone's past (assuming there is something that needs forgiving) comes so naturally to some people. It doesn't to me. In my opinion and a fair bit of experience as well now, if you did it once, you'll do it again. I've heard the "it happened long ago, how does it matter?" or the "I wasn't thinking straight" and they don't bode well with me. And who really, really forgives and forgets? The first instant that the situation develops cracks, aren't the person's past misdemeanours going to be the first thing that cross your mind? Noone forgives and forgets. It's just postponed till something crappy happens.

I think more than being so nauseatingly virtuous, it's just about having the gonads to knowingly make a bad decision, hope like hell the chance you're taking pays off and have noone but yourself to blame if it doesn't.

Take a baseball bat to the crap-stuffed painata, I says. Do it.

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