Monday, 13 April 2009

Rose tinted glasses don't suit me one bit

I am convinced that I have reached the very end of any possible innocence I had left post-puberty, porn and peroxide. Lately I seem to have trouble holding the cynic in me down. Alot less is cute, alot less is understandable, alot less is falls into the 'Oh, it's nothing' scheme of things.

It came to me today, on the train ride to Malad (which for local train-virgins is as far as it sounds, just like Vangaon and Titvala). I was standing at the door, eyes closed and enjoying the rhythm of the rail tracks when suddenly I hear annoying voices. Goes without saying, they belonged to two kids (The girl looked about 4, and the boy about 8-9), who belonged to a mother with an equally grating voice. Now here's the part that creeped me out.

The little girl was being tantrumy as little girls often tend to be. Nothing out of the ordinary there. The mother was fawning endlessly and semi-babytalking them which seemed inappropriate but still not anything to get worried over. But the boy, now the boy was being a bit strange. In my life experience, boys that age think it's emasculating to be seen being fawned over. Not this one. This one was all over his mother. And for some inexplicable reason, he kept, um, fondling her chest? I just don't know why. "Mummy yeh dekho," while holding her chest. "Mummy, next station kaunsa hai?" again, hands on her chest. Maybe I'm reaching here, but I could've sworn he was trying to find reasons to put his hands on her chest.
And I felt myself dislike him. A little boy!

Maybe I'm looking too much into this and maybe that makes me the creep here, but does anyone else find that quite as disturbing as I did? Does this fall within the normal boundary of parent-child behaviour? It's similar to when I see older teenage or early twenty-something guys get physically affectionate with babies, especially girl babies. It just makes me uncomfortable. And a bit sad that I've come to be so skittish about these things.

A special thanks to the Josef Fritzls of the world. I blame you.


slackerninja said...

Yeah the world is weird. Welcome and enjoy your stay.

Giddija said...


PVieira said...

speaking of post-puberty innocence, the name 'titvala' still makes me cringe when I say it. What was someone thinking? if at all...

Gyurkovics said...

Oh I'm right back in Standard 4 everytime someone says Titvala.