Thursday, 19 March 2009

What's everybody got against the money?

Lately I find myself surrounded by women who seem to have a healthy aversion to prospective dates/ boyfriends/ fiancees because the person happens to be loaded. And I, for one, don't understand it. Their reasons are generally that money makes people too snotty/ spoilt/ lazy and makes for gargantuan chip-on-shoulder potential. I think that's a sweeping generalisation. I get the sense that these women think it's the higher-order, moralistic thing to say.

So where am I going with this? Championing a cause for the rich? Well, sort of, yeah.

I think rich people have it pretty bad. Well sure they have gilded cars, South Mumbai houses and have a weekly clubbing fund that would comfortably take me through my month, but they also have to deal with stupid unfounded prejudices like these. So they had better opportunities, inherited already flourishing businesses and have probably never known what being on a budget feels like, so what? They didn't choose it any more than poor people did their own backgrounds. If it's so terrible to discriminate against people who've had it hard to no fault of their own, it should be just as awful to discriminate against people who've had an easy life to no fault of their own. So why are rich people having to take the rap for something they didn't do. A rather well-off close friend of mine is regularly treated differently because she happens to come from money. If she fights for a bonus after a month of working hard, she gets a 'but why're you so gung ho about this? It's not like you need the money." People regularly fleece her because "she can afford it." It's stupid.

And since when have people's characters become so entangled with how much money they have.
I have met rich people who're so endearingly unapologetic about their ample means yet so humble, and have also met the kinds who think you shouldn't be allowed to breathe without owning atleast one branded item. Similarly I've met not so well-to-do people who are unbelievably cool and a fair amount of tedious, bitter sorts who make you want to shoot yourself through the head just so you've wiped out even that .0 percent chance that you'll ever meet them again.

If you're going to discriminate, discriminate because he's an A-hole and hasn't got one interesting thing to say and isn't in the least bit attractive to you. Don't discriminate because he happens to like his Glenfiddich and has paper towels in his car. Ok the paper towels thing is weird, but you know what I mean.

As for what I'm looking for? I'm looking for someone to make me laugh, do fake accents, love my dysfunctional family, find my dog's flatulence cute, turn me on and talk, really talk to me. If he's not loaded, that's fine. If he is, just show me the dotted line. I'm there.

Ps: I watched Slumdog Millionaire again with a friend who hadn't had the chance to see it till now. Yep, I still don't get all the fuss. But for fear of being called obsessive (again), I'm making this a P.S and not a post.

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