Monday, 9 March 2009

I look around me and everybody has aged. Glaringly obvious, yes, but now I can actually see it happening. My mother seems older, slower and more forgetful to me. Everytime she breathes heavily in the night, I find I have to look over just to be sure, you know, nothing's happened. I watched Amitabh Bachchan on TV the other day - he's been old for a while now, but yesterday I actually saw how old. I thought about him dying and it scared me.
My friends have aged too. I've aged. It's harder for me to take off the extra oodles than it was two years... even a year ago. We have grownup issues now. We still discuss boys, but now it isn't about like like, it's about like-enough-to-marry, like-his-bank-balance-enough or like-is-he-really-ending-it-with-me-to-settle-with-her? Before I could go weeks with just four hours of sleep a night, no problem. Now I have 'aches', yes.
My dog doesn't frolick anymore. He's not a puppy anymore. He's turned into a quiet, older dog - well behaved, even. Eugh. There isn't nearly enough frolicking right now. Not with him, not with me, not much. Frolicking is nice. I'd like to frolick again.

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