Saturday, 11 October 2008

Idiot's Box!

I've watched more TV than should be lawfully allowed anywhere. I think it's my addiction this year. I develop one every year.

I don't drink much, I don't smoke much (anymore) and food too, I've been pretty restrained lately. The coffee and tea eating(don't ask)/ drinking stopped a long time ago too. But the damn telly! I can't seem to tear myself away from it.

So far has this gone that I have now formed a heirarchy of TV show types.

The ones I watch because I'm genuinely interested:
Sex and the City - I've never watched the show before and I want to see why it was so iconic. Some days I get it, other days I just don't.
Big Love - Because I love that it doesn't come across as overly contirved even though it obviously is. I think all the characters have amazing chemistry.
Heavy Petting - An animal show for you who're thinking 'too much information!'
ANTM - That Jade is a bitch!
The occasional cool movies on either HBO, Star or the hindi ones.

The ones I watch on auto pilot:
FRIENDS (hurrah! I resisted compulsive need to put full stops in between each letter) I like them still.
Seinfeld - They're still so funny.
All Reese Witherspoon movies. Formulaic. Cue joke. Laugh. Get warm fuzzy feeling.

The ones I watch because the only other option is doing actual work.
FRIENDS - Even though I've watched all episodes more than thrice. Could I be anymore lame?
The Wonder Years - There's nostalgia mixed with sadness because I'm too old to relate to Kevin anymore.
The Jimmy Kimmel Show - he just doesn't do it for me. He's good for a few underwhelming chuckles but he's no Conan O'Brien.

I suddenly feel very tired. More later...

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