Friday, 3 October 2008

Oh, Emma, I think I love you *gush*

Hermione's all grown up...and what a natty job she's done of it. I am digging those caterpillar brows and underplayed makeup.

1) Must get me those booties. Actually must lose me some leg mass first.
2) Love the tailored jacket and the carrot-y pants. 3) Alright, so maybe she's looking a tad presidential here, I wish she'd skipped the stockings.

4)I'm not sure yet, how I feel about the lame (le-may, not layme) top though she makes it work anyway.
5) I see a bit of Rachel Bilson in this street outfit. Holy brogue love!

6) I do think this dress a bit fussy but I like the nude shade on her.

7) She looks adorable here, sufficiently dressy and sufficiently slouchy.

Ps: Click on the pictures to see the larger versions

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Veda said...

And... and... AND she's the new face of Burberry, London.