Sunday, 22 May 2011

Things I Will Never Tire Of...

- Little old Japanese ladies wearing visors.
- Meat and potatoes. You know how you once looked at an obese person and thought 'geez how'd they let themselves get that way?'? I'm understanding slowly - I don't recognise the hanging gut and billowing thighs in the mirror at all. (I am very worried about this actually, but more on that later).
- Looking at candid pictures of celebrities
- Buying tonnes of eye make-up I'll never use.
- Watching (often shamelessly gawping at) people. The shapes of their silences, the way they shuffle their feet, the way their fingers grip a spoon and the way they arrange themselves around life's awkwardness in general.
- Wondering about my place in the scheme of the world. Actually, no, I don't enjoy this. It pummels at my brain endlessly, questioning questioning all the time. I've forgotten how to live in the moment. In fact, when I suspect I've met someone with a proclivity for living in the moment, I try to get as far from him/her as possible. I don't want this, but that wont do either.
- Stewed peaches. Finally I have an answer to at least one in the spectrum of 'What is your favourite _______?' questions. My favourite dessert is peach compote. This is progress.

And for (badly taken) picture of the day...

They stopped kissing when I walked by & he asked if I'd take a picture. He showed her  off and she was shy & mock embarrassed. <3


Kavita said...

Amen to the eye-makeup & Hallelujah to the stewed peaches.

But, we come to a problem; I find I have some innate need to live in the moment. Because I'm having some nice moments these days.

Gyurkovics said...

Mail mee about 'em! And you know our friendship is based on mutual forgiveness. Il Divo and Kareena, etc.

May you be forgiven for living in the moment.

indi said...

stewed peaches?!!! NOOO! Totally get the meat and potatoes bit of course. also since im a love schmuck now, that couple is sooooooooooo romantic!

Gyurkovics said...

They were. His eyes shone, I'm not even joking. He kept looking at her like some star struck teenager.

Yes, peach compote. I'm developing a sweet tooth :-/