Thursday, 26 May 2011

Cry Baby

There is that feeling that I have my proverbial wires crossed. Look, people have died on me and all I've done is packed their belongings, swept the floor and called the rest of the family. So I'm not exactly the sort to go all to bits. UNLESS apparently I hit my head really hard on the railing of the bunk bed I'm occupying currently. Then everybody's scrambling for dry land.

The big stuff I can weather; the silly stuff, I'm hapless against. Falling down new-camera-lens-forward, having my knees jam into concrete in the presence of several pitying tourists, losing a sizeable chunk of my shoe fund because I forgot to ask 'what rate?' when changing basically ALL my cash, running out of M&Ms when I least expect it and finding that sometimes One-size-fits-alls don't exactly fit me.

Lots of soggy tissues in the wastepaper basket today, basically.

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