Friday, 8 January 2010

Oh waily waily waily!

Is anyone else sick of how much I've been whining of late? I know I am. All this slippery emotional BS needs to stop. I am going to go back to being hardcore. If this was five years ago, at this point I'd have been done with sarcasm and moving on to irony already instead of breaking my bangles and wiping my nose with the dog's ear.I was perfectly okay with not being liked/ understood, etc as long as I got to say what I really truly meant. And when I didn't have anything to say I wouldn't. And it was nice. And simple. And cooler. Way cooler.

I read something very simple and straightforward by one of my favourite authors. It was something to this effect. He says that it doesn't matter to the universe whether we live or we die, whether we're good or evil, whether we have runny noses or whether we nicked that eraser way back in 2nd grade when that land whale Jodanna wasn't looking. We invented Mattering. We're the only ones who think we matter, we're the reason we're upset, proud, elitist, euphoric and so on and so forth. The world was here before us, and will continue to keep once we've unwittingly stepped into the street and been leveled by an oil tanker.

Liberating isn't it? Can you imagine a world where we died unto ourselves and therefore really, really lived for the first time? No wars, no heartbreak, no Paulo Coelho. What a beautiful thought.


Stick Insect said...

You nicked Jodanna's eraser? :O I nicked Dyne's colour pencil, the one with different colours at both ends. :D

Ohh and I did get the rest of the post too, just chose to only make this shallow comment. :)

gyurkovics said...

I have NO idea what you're talking about, of course. Innocent example that was!

Diana said...

THAT WAS YOU??? STEALER! I know who you are Stick Insect!
P.S. - Haha about Jodanna's eraser. I used to be soooo jealous of her machine sharpened pencils that I used one to poke her in the arm one day. And boy, was that a bad move. She went around telling the whole school she was going to die of lead poisoning because of me.

Diana said...

I got the rest of the post too ha. Just got a lil carried away with Jodanna :)

Anonymous said...

Who will the world's assholes quote constantly when all you want them to do is STFU? We've already taken Ayn Rand away, and I don't think they'll give up Mr. Coelho so easily. Rework this philosophy and get back to us pronto.


gyurkovics said...


Nothing to worry about as long as we have Deepak Chopra among us. Living, breathing and blowing smoke up our asses.