Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Some truths in the world of Gyuri

You're only as good as your last thing you said to me. You will not be held to what you did or said before that. It doesn't matter.

Having someone unexpected drive two hours, through backed up traffic just to come see how you're doing is humbling. Thank you, you made my day.

We are all like water. At some level, we're all able to change, adapt and still be refreshing.

Last night I thought my search for the perfect maxi-dress was over. Then I tried it on. The search continues.

Sometimes the suffocating familiarity of friends is furthest from what you need. Thank god there's the comfort of virtual strangers.

If you wake up to people watching you having drooled on your own hand, own it. Act like it was the plan all along.

Pretending you care can, on occasion, be the nicest, kindest thing you could do for people.

It's probably best not to accuse someone you want to date of paying for sex.

Watching friends take a turn for the pretentious or turn even more pretentious is painful. In a better-you-than-me kind of way.

My eyes are quitting me, one font size at a time.

I do not know the first thing about boys. I don't know if they want to be kissed, if they want to be pursued, if they want to be ignored, if they want to be smothered. They're like sensitive aliens.

I read recently that every city, every person, every experience has its own word. A word that belongs to it and it to the word. If Europe's is Flamboyance and Obama's is Charisma, what is yours? I think mine maybe Whimsy but I'm not sure.

Where do you get the best chocolate cake in this city? I want to know.

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