Tuesday, 2 February 2010

If there is anything I want right now, it's the ability for grace. I think in my dealings with people I've managed to let near me, I generally think it's alright to have them see that unfettered, potentially vile side of me. I imagine that if they've come this far, they're willing to be privy to the awfulness as well.
Which they often have been and grateful as I am for that, I have abused it from time to time too. In the process I have been nicer to people who've never really cared for me, and the handful that have, I have tested them over and over again.
I always feel the need to test people who make it halfway across that moat that separates me from the general noise of the world. In the bargain I've let go of grace. I have spat, hissed and pummeled at them with fists, detailing their every failing, poking crudely at their every weakness. To fall like that from your own grace is painful. To step out of yourself and watch yourself become everything you hate, is frightening.
Over the years, after the disappointments and going through the motions, it gives me some solace that I have begun to get better but I'm not nearly as close as I'd like to be.


doesmybloglookbiginthis said...

Whenever a thought like this comes to me, I heap the blame on, "growing up". Though, I'm currently, still grappling with the concept of "dignity" so "grace" should be a step for me in the near future maybe!
Good luck with Grace!

Anand said...

Ohh man,intense. This post definitely has some message hidden in thr somewhere that Im not really able to put my finger on.

Loved the way it's written. I'll be back. :-)

Aquatic Static said...

Grace...and then Trust. It's a good combination.
Brave post. Brave blog.