Monday, 4 May 2009

DoubleYouBee Oodles

So the exam weight is making its presence felt. Everything I managed to get off during the last one month spent travelling to the end of the world in the oppressive heat is ba-hack.

I tried to do the Suryanamaskar today. Alone. In my room. I think the walls laughed at me. Even Luke had to look away, embarrassed. (This is not an exaggeration, btw. He lives in a permanent state of embarassment on our behalf.) I look incredibly foolish doing anything yoga-related.

As for walks, my current earphones make the music sound like it's being carefully filtered through a succession of empty clanging tins. Curses. Will buy a new set at some point.

The one thing that immediately took care of the excess oodles the last time I did it, was dancing. Belly dancing. Yes, I belly danced. And was actually pretty good at it too. Twelve classes and I'd lost 3 inches off the waist and inches off everywhere else. Then I came home and the Mater asked me to give her a demo. I, ofcourse, refused. Then quite expectedly, she emotionally blackmailed me. So I um danced, without music and her looking over her glasses. When I got done she was actually quite nice about it. Told me I was rather more flexible than she'd imagined and would I please never do *that* in front of another human being again? Thankyou.

Now there's the gym option (I'd rather die at this point). So I'm guessing the deafening, soul- rupturing walk it's going to be.

Oh, I'm sorry, there's no point to this post if that's what you're looking for. My bad, I should have mentioned that at the start.

Listen to Polaroid Solution by Faded Paper Figures. Any song that stays relevant for two days on loop is alright by me.

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