Monday, 16 February 2009

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As delighted as I am that Kareena decided not to bring her sacred allegiance to Manish Malhotra to the Stardust Awards, I am having some mixed feelings about this dress.

On the one hand, I like that she's changing it up a bit and I like bouffants, have no qualms with her YSL Tributes and the dress, even - I think I get it. But all together?

That's the kind of hair you do if you're going all out with the red carpet regalia, a neater bouffant, perhaps. The dress has completely hijacked her figure here - the top half is billowing and wayy too non-descript. The sleeves have an odd frill at the elbow the fluttery hemline is alright though personally, I think, body con dresses do better by her. She should leave the alternative, Cavalli-esque business to Katrina. Woman's amazonian enough to carry this off, Kareena isn't.

The makeup is so ashen, she's looking pale - I wonder why she decided to give her red pout the heave-ho. It would have picked up the general dowdiness that's settled on this outfit.

I'd swap those platform wedges for a nice pair of pumps, too.

Did I say I was having mixed feelings? I'm not anymore. I definitely don't like this.

Ps: Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with her? I am. There I said it. Say what you want.

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